CBSE: Board acknowledges error for question on 2002 Gujarat violence

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has acknowledged that there has been an error in the Class XII Sociology examination paper which contained a question on the 2002 Gujarat violence, News18 reported.

The question under discussion read:

“The unprecedented scale and spread of anti-muslim violence in Gujarat in 2002 took place under which government?”

As the Term 1 Examinations are objective nature, the options given to the students from which they were to choose the correct option were Congress, BJP, Democratic and Republican. Students were supposed to choose the correct option and encircle the same in the OMR sheet.

Soon after the completion of the examination the CBSE issued a public statement in relation to the question of the Gujarat violence which stated, ““A question has been asked in today’s class 12 sociology Term 1 exam which is inappropriate and in violation of the CBSE guidelines for external subject experts for setting question papers. CBSE acknowledges the error made and will take strict action against the responsible persons.”

The report further states that the CBSE statement said, “The CBSE guidelines for paper setters clearly state that they have to ensure the questions should be academic-oriented only and should be class, religion-neutral and should not touch upon domains that could harm sentiments of people based on social and political choices.”

The CBSE is conducting the Board examinations for Classes X and XII in two terms this year owing to the pandemic situation which persists in India and across the world. The Term 1 examinations are being held offline and the examinations for all subjects including the minor subjects are scheduled to conclude on December 7 for Class X and December 30 for Class XII. The time table for major subjects is available here.

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