CBSE Science Challenge on DIKSHA till 28th February

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is organizing the CBSE Science Challenge for students of classes 8th to 10th.

This challenge shall be available on DIKSHA platform from 17th January 2022 to 28th February 2022. Students from class 8th to 10th, irrespective of the Board, are eligible to participate in this challenge. To access the challenge, schools affiliated to CBSE are required to register their students, provide CBSE registration IDs to students who can then join the ‘CBSE Science Challenge’ course on the DIKSHA platform. The students of schools not affiliated to the CBSE can directly access the course on DIKSHA platform.

Schools can nominate 5 children in each class who have secured a participation certificate in the
Science Challenge directly to the second stage or national qualifiers of the Raman Young Science
Innovator Awards (conducted by the RRI Trust founded by Sir C.V. Raman; for more details at

The initiative is aimed at to generating curiosity, enquiry and higher order thinking amongst the learners in respect of science.

There is no participation fees for the CBSE Science Challenge. The entries for the Raman Young Science Innovator Awards will be judged on the basis of the following criteria in addition to others:

  1. Originality of the idea
  2. Effectiveness with which it conveys the chosen topic
  3. Ease of availability of the material used
  4. “Fun” – how much will a child enjoy the activity?

The award aims at encouraging experiential learning of science and a more hands on approach towards learning.

All students who complete the course (CBSE Science Challenge) would be provided a participation certificate. Participation certificates will be issued online on the DIKSHA platform itself upon completion of the course. Please ensure that students have their correct names in the DIKSHA profile. No merit list shall be
displayed or separate certificates will be issued to the participants for this activity.

For any clarification, students may send an email to

The official notification can be found here.

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