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CISCE Term 1 answer scripts to be evaluated at the centre on the same day

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The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) has announced that the answer scripts for the Term 1 board examinations of Classes X (ICSE) and XII (ISC) will be evaluated at the centre on the day of the examination itself.

“The Question Paper-Cum-Answer Booklets used by the candidates at your centre, to write the forthcoming Examinations, will be evaluated by Examiner(s) at your Examination Centre only. The Examiners shall visit your Centre to evaluate the booklets of the candidates of your centre and to upload and submit the marks to the CISCE on the very day of the Examination,” the CISCE has said.

The circular lays down the responsibilities of the supervising examiner, head of examination centre and the examiners.

“The Supervising Examiner will also evaluate answer scripts of the Centre. However, he/she will be accompanied by a team of Examiner(s) to evaluate the scripts, where the number of candidates at the centre exceeds 35 in case of ISC and 60 in case of ICSE,” the circular says.

The supervising examiner is also tasked with ensuring that the scripts of all candidates who have taken the examination on the given date have been evaluated and the marks have been submitted by the examiners, the council has said.

It is the duty of the head of the school which is the examination centre to provide necessary infrastructure and IT support to ensure timely submission of marks to the CISCE. After the completion of the evaluation process the head of the school will ensure to organise the safe despatch of the white cloth parcel containing the evaluated answer script packet(s) to the CISCE immediately, the circular says.

The responsibility of the examiners is to report an hour before the commencement of the evaluation, which is 1pm for ICSE and 3pm for ISC. The responsibility of the examiner is to complete the process of evaluation and submission of marks between 4 pm and 6.30pm for ISC and 2pm to 6pm for ICSE, the circular says.

The examiner is responsible for submission of the marks of the evaluated answer scripts to the CISCE through the “Online Marks Capture” System. A virtual orientation will be conducted for examiners in batches to understand the use of the online marks capture system, the circular further said.

The Class XII (ISC) examinations are scheduled to begin today as per the timetable issued by the CISCE. The timetable can be found here.

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