Cleaning and sanitisation of shools in Kerala from October 20 to 30

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Kerala’s Education Minister V Sivankutty has said that a cleaning and sanitisation drive for school premises will be organised from October 20 to 30 with public participation, reported the Times of India. This is in preparation of reopening of schools in Kerala from November 1, 2021.

The decision in this regard was taken after meetings held with representatives from teachers’ organizations and youth organizations. It has also been reported in sections of the media that the government proposes to make uniforms and marking of attendance non-mandatory. It was also decided that it must be ensured that all teachers, parents and school employees should be fully vaccinated. The people’s collective, known as ‘Janakeeya Samitis’ would also take responsibility for sufficient supply of masks, sanitizers and oximeters at each school.

Further guidelines are expected to be released after further meetings with the education minister on October 5.


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