Edamalakudy School reopens: Tribal students to resume classes

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The primary school in Kerala’s only tribal Panchayat, Edamalakudy reopened on Monday after being temporarily shut down due to two Covid positive cases being reported among the tribespeople.

The Government LP Primary School at Edamalukkudy has 124 students on its rolls who live in the 24 hamlets in the area with no access to electricity and digital devices. As a result, going to school was the only way for students to continue their education. The school continued to remain open even during the pandemic to cater to the need of the tribal students.

The decision to reopen the school was taken after the Member Secretary of the District Legal Service Society and District Judge K T Muhammad Nissar intervened. The Deputy Director of Education, Idukki, said that the panchayat officials were keen on reopening the school to ensure that tribal students continued their education. He also added that Covid protocols would be followed to curb the spread of the disease in the region.

Source: Times of India

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