Kerala starts state level program for free distribution of homeopathic tablets to students

Schools Students

The Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated a state level programme for distribution of free homeopathic tablets to all school children as a preventive measure against the Covid-19 virus, reported The Tribune. This distribution drive has been started in view of the fact that schools in the State are scheduled to reopen for physical classes from November 1.

“Homeopathic preventive tablets will be made available through special kiosks and dispensaries. This has been proved to be very effective as well. A special helpline has also been opened for all queries,” Mr.Vijayan is reported to have said.

As reported earlier, the state government has directed that the students be administered the medicine called Arsenic album CH30 which is widely prescribed as a preventive medicine for the pandemic causing coronavirus. The medicine called Arsenic Album 30CH is among the preventive and prophylactic simple remedies againstĀ  Covid-19 as listed y the Ministry of AYUSH. The students will have to be given three doses of the drug during the course of 21 days.

With schools set to reopen on November 1, uniforms and attendance will not be compulsory initially. Classes will be held in the morning sessions and students will be divided in batches. One batch will come to school for three days, while the other batch will come for the next three days. Online classes will continue for the batches on the days when they do not come to class. Further, only two students will be allowed to sit on each bench.

Mid-day meals will be provided in schools, but the interval timings will be staggered to prevent crowding. All teaching and non-teaching staff must be fully vaccinated and come to school on all working days.

Schools should maintain a register to keep record of the illness/ symptoms shown by any of its students and must have a functional sick room for such children. Schools should also setup helplines. The guidelines also refer to the details of sanitation, cleaning and disinfection of schools. Read more here.

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