Udayamperoor school staff comes to the aid of students during the pandemic

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The staff of SNDP Higher Secondary School at Udayamperoor in Ernakulam district of Kerala have voluntarily contributed money from their salaries so as to provide assistance to students, reported The Hindu.

The aided school consists of 102 teaching and non-teaching staff members, who have contributed between  ₹10,000 and ₹25,000 each depending on their salaries. This has enabled them to mobilise an amount of ₹15 lakhs, in order to provide ₹2000 each to 200 students for the next four months. The aid for the first month has already been distributed  and the Principal, E.G.Babu, said they were planning to continue the plan further by involving parents as well.

The school formed a committee consisting of employees, the management and parents to visit houses of students and identify the students who belonged to an impoverished background and required support due to the ongoing pandemic.

The coordinator of the program, D.Saji, stated that though there were more students who were in need of help, the school was forced to restrict its aid to 200 students. The school has also been providing smartphones to its students for online classes and has also been distributing health assistance and food kits to the families of students.

The School was established in 1951 and has over 3000 students. Being the largest school in the district, it was recognised by the State government as one of the best general education institutions in the State. It had also received the award for the second best PTA in schools in the State, it has further been reported.

Headmistress N. P. Beena, PTA president R. Sreejith, management representative L. Santhosh, and teachers Ajesh K. P and T. Sarju are reported to be actively associated with the project.

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